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Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is best for my child?

Well this all depends on what you would like your child to achieve during their time with GoGet Riding and what age they are. We have sessions for children aged 18 months to 11 years!

Freestyle Zones -

These are taster sessions for children aged 18 months to 11 years and are also a great place for kids to test out their growing biking skills and build in confidence!

Freestyle Zones have sessions for different age groups but always have a track set up using ramps, our Strider Saw and a limbo bar. Our team are on hand to offer support, guidance and tips and you can try the bikes, practice on our track, play a bit of bike football or try out our balancing equipment during the session. It’s a great place for kids, parents, grandparents and carers to meet up and share in the enjoyment of balance biking.

Why not pop down to one of our Freestyle Zones if you’re unsure whether a GoGet Striding coaching programme is suitable for your little one? It’s a great chance to try before you buy! You can ask questions, meet the team and see what other parents, grandparents and carers think. We know it’s great, but don’t take our word for it!

GoGet Striding -  

This is our range of coaching programmes for children aged from just 2yrs-11yrs. We have Cycle Tots for 2-4yrs, Pedal Ready Juniors for ages 5-6 years and Pedal Ready Seniors for those aged 7-11 years. All our courses have one clear objective; to help teach your child to ride a two wheeled bike.

Riders learn basic balance, core stability, gross and fine motor skills and gain confidence while learning a new life skill. Children use our fleet of world leading Strider balance bikes whilst playing a range of games and activities, providing a stimulating, high energy learning environment with lots of fun!

Cycle Tots 

This is our pre-school balance bike coaching programme for those aged 2-4yrs. Any one not yet at primary school but over the age of 2yrs is welcome to join in the fun and games whilst learning to ride a balance bike. We teach the basic skills needed to be independent on a balance bike and introduce our skills track features during the term. At the end of the term we have a mini track session where we bring all the skills and features together for a fun filled practice.

We run Cycle Tot sessions during term time only and they need to be booked before the start of each term to guarantee a place. There is a one off membership cost which includes a Strider bike BMX racing jersey and a GoGet Striding rider’s licence to ensure you feel part of the team.

Pedal Ready Juniors -  

For children aged 5-6yrs that are keen to ditch the stabilisers but could do with a little help along the way. We use our larger framed fleet of balance bikes with a focus on building the skills and confidence required to make the transition to riding a two wheeled pedal bike.

Pedal Ready Seniors –

For kids aged 7 to 11yrs that are yet to make the transition to a standard two wheeled pedal bike or lack confidence to ride their own bike. We use our larger framed fleet of balance bikes with a focus on building the skills and confidence required to make the transition to riding a two wheeled pedal bike. For those keen to ditch the stabilisers or those who have only just removed them.

What age children can use balance bikes?

We have bikes for those aged from 18 months to 11 years of age. If your little one can walk then they are ready to ride!

Where are GoGet running classes and sessions?

GoGet’s HQ, the Burnholme Bike Box, is based at the old Burnholme Community College in York. We run most of our sessions from here but are looking at delivering in other venues in and around York.

Would you like to see us running sessions at a venue near you? Get in touch and let us know. The next GoGet Riding venue could be on your door step.

How do I book?

We have a secure on-line booking facility within our website shop. This is the best place and fastest way to book. We can also take payment over the phone or cash at one of our events. It is advisable to book a place before the day though, as you may turn up to find us full!

Can I just turn up?

Your child’s place is only guaranteed once payment has been made. If you choose to turn up to a Freestyle event without booking you could be out of luck. Booking does avoid disappointment but should it be a last minute decision you can always phone us on the day to see what level of bookings we have already had.

What is GoGet Striding membership and when do I need it?

All those enrolling on GoGet Striding’s Cycle Tots programme must have registered and become a member. Membership is a simple process which can be done online or face to face. Membership enables GoGet to track your child’s progress, react to their needs and accurately plan more ability focused sessions. Each member receives a Strider bike BMX racing jersey and their first GoGet Striding rider’s licence ensuring they feel part of the team.

Do you run taster sessions?

Yes we do! GoGet’s Freestyle Zones are first and foremost a taster Session although they are also a great place for kids to test out there growing skills and build in confidence.

My child has a disability, can they participate?

Yes they can! Balance bikes are a great way to get children skilled up and ready to progress to pedal bikes but we also believe balance biking is a sporting activity in its own right.

All our sessions are inclusive although sometimes we understand that more specialist disability sessions may be a more suitable option. Keep an eye on the website calendar for when these are taking place or contact us to talk about specific needs and specially catered for opportunities.

How do I pay?

We have a secure on-line booking facility within our website shop. This is the best place and fastest way to book and pay. We can also take payment over the phone or cash at one of our events.

Do GoGet Riding do parties and events?

Events, Parties, Weddings or Festivals, a GoGet Riding Trial Zone offers a great alternative to bouncy castles or face painting. Trial Zones are similar to GoGet’s Freestyle Zones but without the framework of our targeted ability levels.

Trial Zones make a great feature as part of a larger sporting event or fundraiser, a real crowd puller. They provide kids with an opportunity to improve their balance, develop their motor skills and gain in confidence, as well as having fun.

Schools and early year’s settings looking for something a little different to the traditional Football, Netball and Cricket lessons can request half days or full days of coaching sessions, giving kids a fun, alternative and memorable PE lesson.

What does the class involve?

This all depends on which session or programme you have signed up to.

Pre-school Freestyle sessions are very informal. We are on hand to offer support, guidance, tips and advice but these are really a chance for you to support your child to test out their growing skills and build in confidence.

Freestyle Juniors and Freestyle Seniors are a chance for the older children to test out their skills in a relaxed, informal setting. Again our team is on hand to offer guidance and advice but it’s not a coaching session it’s just free play!

Cycle Tots on the other hand is a coaching programme with clear objectives and outcomes to each session. We use a variety of games and activities to create a high energy, stimulating learning environment. It requires parental/guardian input and direct hands on support to ensure your child gets the most from the sessions.

Pedal Ready courses are a fun filled coaching programme with clear objectives and outcomes to each session. We use a variety of games and activities to create a high energy, stimulating learning environment. We use our fleet of balance bikes throughout the sessions to build confidence and the all-important ability to balance the bikes at higher speeds. Once this is achieved we invite participants to bring along their own bikes (should they have one) to explore the ways in which they can transfer the skills they have learnt on the balance bikes to the pedal bike.

How long does each session last for?

This will again vary depending on what your child is booked onto.

Freestyle session last for 45 minutes

Cycle Tots sessions are 45 minutes long

Pedal Ready sessions are 60 minute long

What do I need to bring along?

GoGet provides helmets, balance bikes and any track features we will be using during the session. All we ask is that you and your child are suitably dressed for the weather conditions. If the weather is too bad we will, where possible, run our sessions indoors. Some of our riders like to bring a drink and a snack as it can be rather energetic being on the bikes for such a length of time. Plus a good sense of fun and a smile are always a must!

What should my child wear?

Sensible footwear is the key to success! Summer brings out the Crocs, Sandals and Flip Flops but they can make it pretty tough to get up and over some of our track features. Here at GoGet we love the summer but toes are best kept covered when riding your bikes.

Shorts and t-shirts are fine but think about how flowing dresses and dangling tassels can make balance biking harder work and a risk to tangling in turning wheels.

We operate indoors and outdoors depending on our venue and the time of the year. Dress for the Great British weather – Changeable!

Can parents participate?

Yes indeed! Our Pre School Freestyle sessions and Cycle Tots programme require a supporting adult who is happy and able to throw themselves into a hands on approach. During the early stages your child will require a lot of your support and encouragement and we all know that together we achieve more!

Can I leave my child with GoGet Riding during the session?

All children under the age of 5 years must have a supporting adult, over the age of 18 up to the age of, well 95! Sorry but no older brothers, sisters or tennis player’s partner’s best friend’s long lost sister’s cousin, who are under 18yrs due to insurance purposes.

With children over the age of 5 years we invite parents to drop and run! We understand some parents may find this difficult or your little one would find this a step too far so it’s obviously only advisory to do so if manageable. Your child will learn more in a quicker time frame when you are not around to offer the welcomed distraction! Sitting in the car or hiding out of sight around the nearest corner are other great options.

How many children do you have per session?

We can operate on a 1:10 staff to child ratio. However this all depends on the type of session, the group we are working with and the venue we are operating from. A general guide is –

Freestyle - 1:10 staff to Child

Cycle Tots – 1:10 staff to child ratio

Pedal Ready – 1:8 staff to child ratio

Primary Schools, Nursery and Preschools – 2:16 staff to child ratio

What happens if it rains?

If we are lucky enough the venue will have a wet weather indoor option such as a gymnasium, hall or community centre. If this isn’t possible we gear up and the show goes on! We are realistic and continue to evaluate the situation and should it become unsafe to use particular pieces of equipment or track features we shall remove them. Unfortunately the weather is the one thing we can’t guarantee so come prepared. 

What about GoGet in primary schools, nurseries and early learning settings?

We welcome the opportunity to work with education and preschool settings and as such have specific information detailing the benefits of GoGet Striding being delivered within these settings.

If you are a teacher, parent or local authority why not get in touch directly to find out more about how we could work together to get more children cycling.

Are your coaches qualified?

Here at GoGet we believe it’s not just about the qualifications. We only employ people with the correct temperament, patience and shared enthusiasm for cycling.

All our staff have a clean DBS clearance, background and reference checks and experience of working with children in an outdoor education setting.

Balance bike is not a registered discipline and as such those teaching skills and giving guidance and support do not require a coaching qualification. Although this is the case those who do not have the required experience will not work unsupervised by those more experience members of the GoGet Riding team.

Do you sell the Strider bikes you use on the sessions?

Yes we do! We sell a range of Strider bikes and accessories. We also have a range of helmets which are all available to purchase through our on-line store.

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